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AL-PRO Germany distributes meteodyn WT for German speaking and canadian customers.

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Meteodyn WT

CFD Software

  • Wind resource assessment

  • Windfarm design

  • Site suitability analysis

  • Energy optimization

CFD efficiency available to everyone

  • Automatic mesh generation with grid refinement at key locations
  • Fast and powerful solver based on the latest numerical techniques for atmospheric flow
  • Full resolution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
  • Automatic generation of boundary conditions
  • User-friendly graphical interface

Accurate & full assessment of wind characteristics

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Inflow angle
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Wind energy density
  • Wind shear

Wind modeling in most complex terrains

  • Advanced meshing technology
  • Advanced modeling of turbulence transport
  • Advanced modeling of forest canopies
  • Consideration of atmospheric thermal stability

A ready-to-run tool to design more profitable wind farms

  • Wind rose and Weibull distribution at each result point
  • Consideration of measured turbulence
  • Automatic correction of power curves related to air density
  • Multiple masts analysis
  • Wind farm production and losses assessment (wake effects)
  • IEC 61400 site suitable analysis
  • Compatible with standard formats of wind energy industry
  • Full integration of mesoscale data into microscale computations

More Options
Wind production Forecast, LIDAR data correction, Client-Server version, Wind atlas module

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Meteodyn WPA

The SCADA data cleansing and analysis software for wind farms


Refine your wind resource assessment and wind production forecast. Obtain the real SCADA production of the entire wind farm and each individual wind turbine. Compare it to the manufacturers power curve.


IEC: Contemplate the air density correction standard and the local wind behaviors: wind shear, turbulence, etc.


Obtain the status from your wind turbine at normal operation, stop and curtailment.
Simple diagnosis of underperformance thanks to Meteodyn SPAs graphics.


Detect and identify measurement and turbine failure.
Assess downtime and energy losses caused by maintenance operations.

Meteodyn SPA is also available as a consulting service.

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